SLS Free Shampoo - 6 Great Benefits Of Using It


On the subject of sulfate free shampoos, you’re definitely going to want to familiarize yourself with SLS free shampoo benefits. The benefits associated with shampoos free of the SLS component are considerable.

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However, when it comes to the amount of media attention these products have been getting, people rarely get the whole story. There are tons of SLS free shampoo benefits to consider. It’s important to have a complete, rounded view of SLS free shampoo products.

First, it’s worth taking a look at SLS. This can give you the background necessary to understand why it’s well worth considering what SLS free shampoos can do for you.

What Is SLS
SLS is actually known as sodium lauryl sulfate. This chemical can also go by such names as sodium lauril sulfate (SDS) or sodium dodecyl sulfate (NaDS0).

Regardless of the name SLS goes by, it tends to play an important role in many of the shampoos and other hygiene products like face wash, body wash, toothpaste and soap. These products are traditionally purchased by millions of people.

Although this chemical has come under fire in recent years, there are some benefits associated with it. The primary benefit of SLS is that it has the ability to remove oily residues.

For this reason alone, it’s easy to at least understand why this chemical is so prevalent in shampoo products.

There are also a number of negatives that should be considered.These can serve to emphasize SLS free shampoo benefits. In the first place, some people are allergic to sodium lauryl sulfate.

The severity of this allergy can vary from one person to the next, but dryness and irritation are two of the most common complaints associated with shampoos containing the SLS component.

Another significant complaint revolves around the fact that SLS shampoos are capable of stripping essential oils from the hair. This can cause a number of problems.

At the very least, losing essential oils can lead to the health and appearance of your hair becoming compromised. All of these things should be kept in mind with SLS as it applies to shampoo.

At this point, you should have more than enough information to look at SLS free shampoo benefits.

6 Common Benefits Of SLS Free Shampoos

An SLS free shampoo can be a fantastic alternative to those who have sensitive skin, or with those who have allergies to the sulfates found in more traditional shampoo products. In order to enjoy SLS free shampoo benefits, you’ll want to look for products that contain ingredients like glucosides and glycerin.

Some of the benefits you’ll be able to enjoy with SLS free shampoos include:

  • #1. One of the most appealing SLS free shampoo benefits concerns the fact that these are organic products. That means the processes and ingredients involved in the creation of the formulas found in these products are completely natural in every way.
  • #2. Those who have used SLS free shampoos will tell you that their hair feels more soft and silky than it ever had while using traditional shampoos.
  • #3. As mentioned before, SLS free shampoos can be a fabulous alternative to those have sensitive scalps or serious allergies.
  • #4. Are you one of those people who absolutely despise getting shampoo in their eyes? Certain traditional shampoo products claim to be tear-free, but that benefit is far more obvious with shampoos made from organic components. This is one of the smaller SLS free shampoo benefits, but it’s a notable one nonetheless.
  • #5. The green benefits of SLS free shampoo should not be underestimated. The chemicals utilized in many of the shampoos and other hygiene products found in stores and online have been proven over and over again to have the potential to cause substantial harm to our environment. One of the nicest SLS free shampoo benefits is the fact that the formulas are created using renewable resources. This leads to a considerably smaller carbon footprint, than what you might leave with a shampoo that’s packed with chemicals and other harmful elements.
  • #6. A benefit to SLS free shampoo products that’s definitely worth considering is the fact that they are now readily available from a wide variety of sources. Although these shampoos are generally a bit more expensive than some of the more traditional products that are available, a lot of people will tell you that SLS free shampoo benefits far outweigh the little extra you’re going to have to pay to purchase the product of your choice. And because these shampoos are so readily available in this day and age, it’s easier than ever to shop around, and find something that’s going to suit your budget and needs.

SLS Free Shampoo Benefits
Although SLS free shampoo products lack that foamy feeling that you’re used to getting while you shampoo your hair (which you get from the sulfates in the first place), the benefits of SLS free shampoos should be abundantly clear to you. Why not give it a try?