How To Tame Frizzy Hair - Step-By-Step VIDEO


How to tame frizzy hair? No one wants frizzy hair but sometimes it can be really hard to avoid. One of the key tips to tame frizzy hair is to remember the healthier the hair the less frizz.

Of course it can just be a genetic predisposition to frizzy hair or a humid climate in which case you will have to take steps to get that frizz under control.

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There are plenty of commercial products on the market that can help you to easily control the frizzies but if you want to try to get things under control without having to pay out of pocket for commercial products you still have some options.

What Causes the Frizzies?
Frizzy or fly away hair can be caused by a few different things. It can be all natural and just a part of what your hair is. It can also be a sign of damaged dry hair. Things like heat producing styling tools can be killer on your hair as well as hair dyes and other hair treatments.

If you have wavy or curly hair and you straighten it regularly on those days where the humidity is up than your hair will likely struggle to stay straight and a few hairs here and there will start their natural curling which will make you look a little frizzy.

If you are looking for a long term solution than there are a few things you can do for the long term. Cut your hair! If you have a lot of dead ends that you want to give you hair a healthy start by cutting off the dead ends.

Chemically damaged hair can be restored (maybe) by laying off the chemicals and deep conditioning hair every few days. Unfortunately usually the answer for chemically damaged hair is the scissors but you can try deep conditioning treatments.

Heat damaged hair can be rescued with a trim and by using products that protect the hair from heat damage. In some cases you are not having permanent frizzy issues you are having a bad hair day and just need a quick fix.

How To Tame Frizzy Hair - Try these tips today!

The tips below are easy and are something that you can do everyday without fear of damaging your hair or your wallet.

When you wash your hair you most likely use an after shampoo wash out conditioner. That after wash conditioner can help you to get your frizzies under control! Add about ¼ of a cup of any conditioner (even the cheapo kinds) to 2 cups of warm water.

Shake it all up until there is no conditioner floating around in the bottle and pour it into an old spray bottle that you have laying around. After you style your hair before you add any hair spray, spray on your new leave in conditioner!

The weight of the spray with the conditioner will keep your frizzes down to a minimum.

This is an oldie but a goodie. You can take a small drop of mineral oil and work it through your hair. There is a bit of a precarious balance issue with this method though. If you use too much you will be looking a little greasy.

If you do not use enough than you will see no benefit. You may have to experiment with amounts to get the right look that you are after.

Really In Pinch?
Alright so you are late and all out of commercial frizz tamer, you do not have any time to be experimenting with oil amounts and are out of conditioner so you can not whip up any of the fab frizz spray.

You use sulfate free fabric softener! Yes it works! Fabric softener does for clothing what frizz tamers do for hair. They help the material to lay flat and get in line and that is all you want your hair to do. Grab a little and run it through your hair.

Internal Nutrition
The right vitamins that are focused on glamming up your locks can help you to get rid of the frizzies. Folic acid and vitamins and minerals that your hair depends on can help you to grow healthier hair. Good nutrition can go a long way in improving your hair.

Drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet and protect your hair from harsh environments and you may see a drastic improvement.

Don’t Fight The Curl

A lot of women have natural curly or wavey hair but they fight their natural curl and try to force their hair to do something that is just not natural. The hair retaliates and you wind up with a frizzy mess.

Don’t fight the curl.

Get a good hair cut that promotes the natural wave in your hair. Fighting the curl never really works.

It is fine for special occasions but for everyday wear get a cut that is easy on you and your hair and you will see less overall bad hair days!

How To Color Hair - 4 Simple Steps For Success
How to color hair at home? Time for a color change and don’t want to pay heaps? Maybe you have a few grays that you need to disguise. In either case there is a right way to get the color that you will love without having to pay through the roof to do it.

With a few tips and maybe a pair of helping hands you can be on your way to a more colorful you!

How to color hair

How to color hair - It is really simple!

How To Color Hair

Step 1:

  • Choose your color!

Here are a few tips to consider when you are choosing your color.

  • Going darker is easier
  • Consider your eyebrows

Consider the health of your hair - Going from light brown to dark brown is easier than going from light brown to blonde. The reason? To go from dark to lighter you have to “lift” the color out of your hair. In other words there will have to be some element of bleaching.

Is bleaching your hair bad? Not necessarily. Whether you can successfully lift your hair 1-10 shades without causing major damage is largely related to the type of hair you have and how healthy it is.

In many cases to go from a darker shade to a lighter shade it is going to take a two step process. First you lift than you color.

When you are choosing your color if you want to keep it as natural as possible than consider the color of your eye brows. If they are black and you want to go platinum have at it but do know that your appearance will not be natural.

The health of your hair has got to be a consideration before you start the dyeing process. If you are doing a permanent color change than you will need to have healthy hair or you risk breakage, drying your hair out and winding up with a mess.

Deep condition your hair the day BEFORE you decide to dye your hair so it has a good fighting chance. You can also choose a moisturizing type hair dye.

Do The Strand Test
24 hours before you dye your hair do the strand test. You will mix up a small amount of dye and try it on a small section of your hair (an underneath strand is fine) this will help you to do 2 things.

  • 1. Determine the time you need to leave the hair dye in to get the color you want
  • and 2. whether or not your are allergic to the product.

You should not skip this important step in the process.

Lets Go
Once you have your color picked out and you have done your strand test the day before it is go day. One of the best tips there is when you are getting ready to dye your hair is to have everything laid out that you will need so that you are not running around the house with hair dye on your head dripping everywhere.

You will need an old t-shirt to wear and all the contents of the dye kit. If you can have a friend lend a hand that would be great! Start by NOT washing your hair. Remove all metal from your ears, face and neck.

Brush your hair all out and start sectioning it off. Part your hair in which ever direction you normally part your hair. And section your hair into four parts.

Using the tip of the applicator draw lines of hair dye through the sections of your hair. If you have a friend to help you your friend can apply the hair dye for you. Do not use metal clips or bobby pins it can interact with the dye and cause issues.

Watch Your Time
That strand test you did not want to take the day before you were going to dye your hair should have told you how long you need to leave the coloring agent in your hair. In most all cases the time frame is anywhere from 25 minutes to 60 minutes (the 60 minutes is usually for lifting color and going lighter).

Set your timer. Once your timer goes off rinse out the color. You do not have to wash your hair but should condition it. Using a conditioner helps to keep your hair from drying out and it also can help to seal in the color on your hair.

After Care
Over the next few washings you may notice that there still is some color that runs out of your hair. This is perfectly normal and does not mean that you did anything wrong. You should invest in a good quality sulfate free color protecting shampoo.

To keep your color fresh for the longest period of time cover your hair up in the sun or when you are swimming especially in a chlorinated pool. With a little extra care your color will last at least two months!