The Benefits Of Silicone Free Shampoo


When it comes to incorporating more natural products into your daily life, you’re going to hear about the subject of silicone free shampoo sooner, rather than later.

Obviously, the first thing you’re going to want to do is learn more about these silicone free shampoos. To be sure, you’re going to want to know if silicone free shampoos are for real.

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You’ll also want to learn more about the different products that are currently on the market.

In the first place, let’s get the suspense out of the way: Yes, silicone free shampoo is a legitimate concept. Furthermore, using a silicone-free shampoo that meets your needs is something that comes with a long list of benefits.

Once you understand these things, you’re ready to learn more about these shampoos.

What Is Silicone Free Shampoo
Obviously, a silicone-free shampoo is a shampoo that’s free of silicones. However, as you can imagine, there is just a little more to it than that. When you look at a bottle of shampoo, you’re not going to actually see the word “silicone” amongst the ingredients.

You should also keep in mind that there are several different names for silicones that you’ll want to become familiar with. The types of silicones to look out for are water soluble and non-water soluble.

Some of the names to keep an eye out for include Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, and Dimethiconol. These are just a few of the names that you’ll want to be aware of.

More about silicone free shampoo and conditioners:

Silicone free shampoos are going to be the shampoos that do not contain these ingredients. There are tons of products on the market, and we’ll get to those in a second. For the time being, let’s focus on some of the reasons as to why you should strongly consider a silicone free shampoo.

Why Use A Silicone Free Shampoo
There are admittedly a couple of reasons as to why someone might want to use a shampoo that contains silicones. With silicone, you’re talking about something that gives your hair that shiny appearance. It eliminates the frizziness that plagues the hair of many people. It also gives you that smooth feeling that people generally associate with washing their hair.

However, the cons of using shampoos with silicones far outweigh the pros. In the first place, a shampoo with silicones is going to naturally build up the silicone that is in your hair. Naturally, the more silicone that builds up in your hair, the harder it is going to be to eliminate that stuff from your hair.

These silicones can lead to a lot of problems. They can contribute significantly to losing your hair. They can also be the main culprit behind hair that is constantly dry and itchy.

In some cases, the buildup of silicones in your hair can even lead to cancer. These are things you are obviously going to want to avoid.

Even dying your hair can become problematic. If you find your hair dye doesn’t last as long as it should, that could be due to the fact that your silicone buildup has reached a dangerous plateau.

This is where the idea of the silicone free shampoo becomes appealing. Silicone-free shampoos will challenge your hair at first.

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In the beginning, with most of the products available to you, you’re going to notice that your hair looks dried out and dull. This is something that is going to change with time.

You may also have some difficulty in combing your hair. This is something else that you’re going to need to be patient with.

As time goes on, your hair is going to get used to the silicone free shampoo you’ve purchased. Once your hair gets used to the product you’ve chosen, you’re going to find that your hair has never looked or felt better.

The Best Silicone Free Shampoos On The Market:
There are a number of silicone free and sulfate-free shampoos on the market. Here are some of the more popular possibilities to consider:

#1. Living Proof No Frizz Discover Set
Not only is this set extremely affordable, but it also gives your hair a long list of exceptional benefits. You’ll also want to keep in mind that it is free of sulfates and silicone.

#2. Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Extract
This is a great dry shampoo that can certainly help to erase that greasy feeling.

#3. Team Naturals Natural Shampoo and Conditioner
This product is silicon free and made using only natural and safe vegan friendly ingredients.It does not contain sulfates or parabens.

#4. Pantene Ice Shine Silicone Free Shampoo
This product promises you a 24 hour shine, it gently removes the residue and dirt that reduces shine in your hair.This product is very gentle for permed and color-treated hair.

Silicone free shampoos bring a lot of benefits to the table. Once you come to appreciate what these benefits can do for you, the next step is going to be to find a shampoo that’s right for your needs. To that end, you’re going to be pleased with the range of options available to you.